About Us

Quan Media Group is the modern approach to OOH for modern brands who want to build a real-world identity.

We don’t believe success in OOH is defined by how much you spend.  You need to know where your audience is, have in depth market expertise, and personalized strategy.  It’s about creativity over complacency.  Quan delivers white glove service to brands looking to curate smart, targeted OOH campaigns. 

We don’t care about budget.  We don’t care how often you buy OOH.  We don’t care if you do some OOH buying in-house.  We are here to work with you in the way you want to work with us.

We’re fast.  We’re flexible.  Our relentless negotiating leads to incredible rates, added value, and first look opportunities.  We’re on a mission to move OOH away from being looked at as just an awareness channel, and more as a performance channel.  We emphasize measurement and attribution, and blend personalization with automation perfectly.

Quan is the first Out-of-Home concierge.