Just the FAQ’s with Brian Rappaport, CEO of Quan

Why should we use Quan vs. working directly with a vendor?

There are hundreds of vendors in the OOH space, and we have relationships in place with all of them. We know who’s in NYC, but also who’s in Austin, along with who’s in Toronto. We’re help you find the right OOH media mix based on campaign goals – and then negotiate to make sure you’re paying the lowest rate along with getting some solid added value. We know what you should be paying, what you should be buying, what’s a good unit vs. what’s a bad unit. No different than why a pro athlete uses a sports agent!

I already have a relationship in place with a vendor, and want to keep working with them. I also know the NYC market, so want to handle that myself, is that ok?

Totally. We don’t operate with an “all or nothing” mindset. We want work with you in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable. If you want to handle buying the NYC market yourself because it’s “your backyard” but need help with Boston and Chicago, we’re on it. We’re completely flexible.

We already have a creative partner and/or agency for our other media channels. How would you work with them?

We work with clients directly, as well as their respective agencies. We’ll make sure we make life easy for your creative team in regards to trafficking and uploading materials. If it’s a cross-channel campaign, we can easily work with respective agencies to align on campaign goals.

So you can buy and plan any market?

Yup. We’ve done it all. Maybe you want to go big and takeover NYC, CHI, SF and LA. Maybe you want to see how a second tier market performs and want to test in a Columbus, OH or San Diego, CA. We have full experience – and market knowledge across North America. We also can buy/plan in Canada, and have a partner who allows us to buy/plan Internationally as well. We know neighborhood characteristics, drive vs pedestrian markets & key market events.

Do you only buy billboards?

No way. There are hundreds of OOH formats. We buy everything from Station Dominations & brand trains to painted walls to elevator screens to bus shelters to massive Sunset Blvd wallscapes to double decker buses. Want to be on a screen inside a ride share vehicle? We can make it happen. Airports & Malls? That also. We do it all.

A personalized approach to buying & planning
Out of Home with a emphasis on strategy and attribution.