A personalized approach to buying and planning Out of Home with emphasis on strategy and attribution.


Our Mission

We want to deliver a personalized approach to buying & planning Out of Home Media with an emphasis on strategy and attribution. Regardless of budget, we want to function as an extension of the clients we work with.  We’ll take the time to learn about your brand,  move quickly to make sure you’re in front of your target audience, provide a measurable ROI, and most importantly deliver highly negotiated rates coupled with strong Added Value. With experience working across every category, we’re smart, strategic, know how to approach any market, and truly believe in creativity vs. complacency.  We believe that success in OOH isn’t defined by how much money you spend on a given campaign, rather by the approach and true understanding of who you’re trying to reach.


We have full experience working across all categories in the OOH space. Additionally, we specialize in working with DTC & Startup brands who may be looking to test, launch, or scale their OOH approach . We understand just how important it is for any brand looking to add OOH to their media mix to see an attributable result, and we want to make that happen. We’ll work across any type of budget regardless of size and ensure you’re getting in front of your target audience, while providing guidance on how best to scale your OOH efforts based on past results, demographic, budget, and key objectives. Whether it’s a “market by market” full on conquest approach, or a “test and see” approach, we’re truly flexible in how we work with clients.

• Market Selection & Guidance – understanding where a brand should go next, and what markets play well to OOH advertising vs ones that don’t
• Development of audience profiles & heatmaps based on psychographic data shared that allows us to audience target & prevent “wasted impressions”
• Full OOH 101/102’s – education on the space, partners, how to best impact a market
• Recommended partners for additional support (i.e. digital/social, creative services)
• Attribution Partners who help with Validating OOH effectiveness & ROI
• Incorporation of mobile retargeting to an OOH plan and/or pixels into OOH placements that allow for better tracking of online activity within the conversion funnel
• Full consultation services in the field of planning, and buying Outdoor Media, including working with clients to ensure they’re buying their OOH at the right time and understanding the best way to measure and analyze metrics pertaining to their respective campaigns.

• Full production capabilities in the OOH space including ability to handle production of all outdoor media formats, including non-traditional/unique executions such as “build-outs” and 3D
enhancements on traditional structures

• Sponsorship Evaluation & Negotiatons – Both short-term and long-term sponsorships, as well as brand integration with music festivals & lifestyle events (i.e. Food Festivals, Film Festivals)

About Us

Out-of-Home is growing, expanding and evolving. The media channel outperforming others is not an accident. It truly works.  Automation is easy. We get it. Who wouldn’t want to press a button, and all of a sudden you have a billboard on Sunset Blvd? Quan was founded on the belief that a personalized approach to OOH buying & planning ultimately leads to a brand’s best chance at seeing true growth. We’ll work with you to understand your audience and ensure you’re in front of who you’re looking to reach while delivering real-time measurable results. We emphasize rapid response and utilize strong relationships throughout the industry to negotiate the best possible rates, coupled with incredible Added Value. We have access to relevant last minute deals (anywhere from 50-75% off) that we share with our clients.  We have the experience & the ability to buy & plan across any market in North America, Canada, and select markets Internationally. Lastly we have full production capabilities, from resizing to proofing to creating special builds/3D props to printing/shipping. Understanding a brand. Understanding the audience. Minimizing legwork for the client. Delivering attributable results. That’s what Quan does.


A personalized approach to buying & planning
Out of Home with a emphasis on strategy and attribution.